Alexander Technique

DSC_0101eWhat is Alexander Technique? 

Many of us operate in our daily lives and professions with excess tension patterns and expenditure of energy. F.M. Alexander discovered that the stress of modern life challenges our sensory perception causing us to adopt habitual tension in the body and mind. Through Alexander Technique we learn tools to increase our sensory awareness and to recognize unnecessary patterns. Through touch and anatomical mapping, Alexander Technique gives us strategies and choices to eliminate pain and stress at the source of our tension patterns. This study is a doorway to self- awareness, not only of our physical patterns, but of our mental and physiological patterns as well.

Who Studies Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is useful to anyone who desires more awareness, ease, and efficiency within their professional lives and/or daily activities.  Alexander Technique can apply to many activities such as speaking, singing, walking, running, working at a computer, stage anxiety, performing arts, and sports. The application of Alexander Technique is particularly useful within the performing arts or any highly refined skill development. Singers and actors who continually lose their voices or breath, violinists with tight left shoulders, pianists with wrist pain, golfers with tight shoulders and lower backs, etc, may be all challenged by stress and tension patterns within their activities.  Such artists and athletes can greatly benefit from the study of Alexander Technique, as patterns of misuse become exaggerated when one is practicing and fine-tuning a difficult activity. While we all have seen performers and athletes that make their art look graceful and effortless, ease and coordination in activity comes not only from innate talent, but it can also be learned! Clients find natural ease within everyday movements, deeper sleep, more efficient and effortless breathing, greater balance and poise, and are able to be present to the demands of their daily lives and relationships with less effort and more grace.

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What it looks like


My sessions with Darci have reduced my pain both when playing piano and in everyday life. Darci keeps my body moving like a finely tuned sports car crossed with a ballet dancer. She helps my body to remember how it wants to move, how it wants to be, and that makes me and my body happy.
I have been completely amazed by the immediate relief and results that the Alexander Technique has offered my frozen shoulder. Each session has addressed different levels, from bones, to soft tissue, to energy or a holding pattern, and Darci always seems to know what combination my body needs. Darci has a very powerful, yet subtle touch and allows you to feel completely at ease in her presence. I love feeling how quickly my body responds to the Alexander Technique by naturally and joyously returning to its perfect alignment with my spine under Darci's gentle guidance.
Dana C.Artist
"I've struggled with low back pain for over a decade, but after only three sessions with Darci my pain had decreased, my mobility increased, and I had a much better understanding of what had gone wrong with my body and what I could do to heal it."
Brad W.Web Developer & Farmer