Yoga of the Voice

One of my favorite practices for voice, yoga, and my state of being is chanting and vocal meditation. I currently study Yoga of the Voice with Silvia Nakkach in San Francisco. Vocal meditation is an exploration of the voice, melody, and expression that can often lead into chanting mantras from around the world. Mantras can be used to add intention to your meditation and singing them brings them in to resonance with your body.  This practice is great way to open up the voice if it feels blocked, heal and move the body and the mind with sound, and learn how to trust your voice.

Private vocal meditation sessions:

  • Three Pack of 30 minute sessions for $65
  • 30 minutes: $25
  • 45 minutes: $35

Please contact me for workshop prices.


I have been completely amazed by the immediate relief and results that the Alexander Technique has offered my frozen shoulder. Each session has addressed different levels, from bones, to soft tissue, to energy or a holding pattern, and Darci always seems to know what combination my body needs. Darci has a very powerful, yet subtle touch and allows you to feel completely at ease in her presence. I love feeling how quickly my body responds to the Alexander Technique by naturally and joyously returning to its perfect alignment with my spine under Darci's gentle guidance.
Dana C.Artist
"Having Darci as a teacher has improved my voice so much. Her teaching methods are very interactive and fun. They’re unlike anything I have ever experienced."
Sophia J.Vocal Student (2 years)
"I have seen massive leaps in my voice and confidence. Darci's teaching breaks down the voice and the 'instrument' in a clear way, allowing students to understand the mechanics of their art. She also creates an incredibly encouraging and comfortable environment where her students can learn and grow!"
Caroline P.Vocal student