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Alexander Technique

Find natural ease within everyday movements.

Voice Lessons

Experience and embody your fullest expression.

Yoga Instruction

Yoga for Vocalists.


"I've struggled with low back pain for over a decade, but after only three sessions with Darci my pain had decreased, my mobility increased, and I had a much better understanding of what had gone wrong with my body and what I could do to heal it."
Brad W.Web Developer & Farmer
Darci is awesome! She has helped me increase my vocal range and power, and she makes me feel like I can do anything with my voice. I am so happy I found her!
Nicole DavisEquestrian & Singer
My sessions with Darci have reduced my pain both when playing piano and in everyday life. Darci keeps my body moving like a finely tuned sports car crossed with a ballet dancer. She helps my body to remember how it wants to move, how it wants to be, and that makes me and my body happy.